10 Things That May Be Obsolete By 2020

The IT world moves at a rapid rate. This is due to the speed of technological advancements.

While we are unsure of the wildly innovative ideas the future will bring, we have a pretty good idea of which devices will fall into disuse.

Here are 10 things that may be obsolete by 2020.

1. Hard drives
Soon, everyone will keep their information in “the cloud” and there will be no need for physical storage devices.

2. Thumb drives
Thumb drives may be a convenient way to carry data around in your pocket, but thanks to cloud computing you won’t have to carry anything at all.

3. Fax Machines
Let’s face it — fax machines should have disappeared long ago. Once paperwork goes, these dinosaurs are going, too.

4. CDs
People rarely buy music anymore, much less in any physical form. Streaming services are the way of the future.

5. Remote Controls
You won’t have to search for the remote or replace its batteries when voice commands and smartphone controls become widespread ways to operate your devices.

6. Paper Work
With Google Docs and digital signatures becoming the norm, contracts, medical forms, and other documents will cease to exist in paper form.

7. Home Phones
When did you last use your landline telephone at home? For a growing number of Australians, that’s a moot question: they just don’t have one.
Data released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority on November 30 shows that 5.78 million Australians – about 31 per cent – have no fixed landline at home.

8. Paper Receipts
Officeworks receipts are so long they have become a meme. But even they have begun offering digital receipts. Many vendors already send receipts via email, so it won’t be long until it’s the new standard.

9. Passwords
Apple debuted FaceID this year, while Microsoft’s Windows Hello facial recognition system has been in place since 2015. Forget letters, numbers, and special characters — biometric passwords will be the norm.

10. Headphones with cords
From Apple’s AirPods to Bluetooth headphones, the headphone jack’s days are numbered.

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