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PXB Phones & Cloud PXB Phones

PXB Phones & Cloud PXB Phones

At Essential IT we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective IT products like Cloud PXB Phones to help your business reduce costs.

“Simplifying IT”

We work with small and medium size businesses throughout Sydney. We help integrate information technologies into your business so that you can save time, cut costs and spend more time on your business!

Replacing your ageing phone system.  VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was originally designed to imitate the architecture of copper wire legacy telephone networks. Today, customers are celebrating the benefits of this technology and exploring all of what a VoIP solution is capable of providing.

Why VoIP ?

VoIP runs both voice and data over the same circuit — this efficient set up is favoured by businesses of all sizes for reducing monthly costs. VoIP also has more capabilities than legacy phone systems and can provide advanced features with simple add-on charges. VoIP’s flexibility allows for feature changes with the click of a mouse instead of manual labour.

Because VoIP uses software instead of hardware, changes and network maintenance can be implemented in a fraction of the time it would take legacy voice systems, and at a fraction of the cost. VoIP is praised as being superior to traditional voice technology in cost and architecture, but the true benefit of VoIP has been proven in the last year with the dawning of Unified Communications (UC).

Unified Communications at the Forefront

The basic features of legacy telephone networks are included in VoIP (call forwarding, Direct Inward Dial (DID), hold, 3-way-call, caller ID, etc.). What is remarkable is that adding in a UC platform that revolutionizes how a company communicates is as simple as an add-on request or, in some cases, is already included. What is expected in an out of the box UC solution includes video conferencing, voicemail to email, fax to email, chat, mobility, and presence.

An increasing number of businesses are deploying multi-channel communication with their customers and within their organizations. This can be implemented easily over an existing VoIP setup.

As Business VoIP keeps gaining momentum are finding that they are spending more on IT resources to maintain their new VoIP systems. This is why ESSENTIAL IT Cloud PBX solutions provide the logical answer to controlling these costs. Our Cloud PBX solutions reside in secure Telco Data centers where they are maintained by our watchful engineers 24x7x365 to ensure our customers are always up and running.

Cloud PBX solutions and VoIP solutions enable companies to derive the cost savings of Business VoIP together with the benefits of advanced features that maximize efficiency and company productivity – all without the hassles of housing and maintaining a highly expensive phone system on site.

Key Benefits of Cloud PBX Phone Systems

Cost Savings

  • Fixed monthly pricing on long-distance and local US calling with low international rates.
  • Connect to geographically dispersed offices with internal office extensions all on the same system!
  • Managed Quality of Service (QoS) reduces IT costs.

Save Time and Boost Productivity

Stay connected with unified communications, which eliminates the limitations typically encountered while out of the office or not being next to your phone to check the availability of people within your company.

Easily Monitor Employee Productivity

Especially in industries such as sales, where serious phone time is logged, productivity means everything. For example, being able to monitor how long a particular salesperson spends on a call is an excellent way to monitor your staff’s productivity.

Failover Redundancy

If your phone’s connection ever goes off-line temporarily, ESSENTIAL IT is automatically alerted to your lost connection and automatically forwards all inbound calls to pre-defined back-up numbers that each phone has the ability to pre-set. Your customers will never know that your Internet connection is down.

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