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Why Is Cyber Security so important?

Does cyber security matter? In an increasingly digital world, making sure your business’s data and resources are safe from cyber crime is more important than ever.

Why Is Cyber Security so important?

These days, computer crimes and cyber attacks are increasing in severity and are a significant risk to businesses, consumer information, and business infrastructure. These crimes can have devastating effects on not only the cyber criminals’ victims themselves but also the broader community. Recent high-profile cyber security cases have demonstrated the importance of cyber security to both businesses and governments. Some people make the mistake of thinking that cyber security is about having a firewall and antivirus software installed on their computers. While these are both proactive cyber security measures to take, they are not comprehensive enough to ensure that your company’s sensitive information is kept safe. Many companies make the mistake of setting up antivirus and firewalls and forgetting about it—thinking that their cyber security is taken care of.  The following article will look into some common cyber security measures and discuss how and why they are important.

Elements of Cyber Security

Physical Access Control

The first element of cyber security is physical access control—a major weakness that many businesses and governments are still struggling with. Cyber criminals often use their skillset to gain illegal access to networks or computers and to then send spam and perform other harmful attacks on other parts of the system. This physical access can be a major barrier to preventing cyber attacks, and the lack of control can result in both security risks and collateral damage. Physical access control is an important element of cyber security.

Digital Signature

The second element is a digital signature. The digital signature is the algorithm used to encrypt data so that the decryption key cannot be used to reveal it. Without a digital signature, the information cannot be read, and if the network is not protected, then the cyber security attack is delayed. Unfortunately, this element is often overlooked by users and is one of the reasons why we see an incredible amount of phishing attempts and hackers getting through password-protected files in 2020 alone. A digital signature is an important cyber security consideration.

Theft Protection

The third key element is credential theft protection. By obtaining the username and password of a systems administrator, attackers can easily gain complete access to a company’s systems, and thus gain access to everything that needs to be done, including the likes of employee scheduling and even personal documents. Systems must be regularly protected against these attacks, and in fact, this must be a part of a company’s cyber security management process. When a cyber attack occurs, it is possible to identify and isolate the device that initiated the attack. 


Finally, the fourth element is identification. A cyber security expert can quickly determine which devices are infected with malicious codes. By knowing the type of device, and which applications on the device have been compromised, they can then carry out the various necessary actions to stop the cyber attacks. The attack might not immediately stop, but if your cyber security experts know the exact IP address and username of the infected computer then they can easily stop the operation right away. 

The Importance of Cyber Security

Once you have made sure your business’s computer systems are running as securely as possible, then you need to take other measures to reduce the likelihood of a cyber security breach.  Some people have heard of malware but are unclear as to what it is or how it affects their network. Malware is any software that installs itself onto your system without your permission. For example, if you download a freeware application that you think is legitimate, you might unwittingly download a piece of malware into your system. These programs are designed to track your internet behaviour and steal confidential information from your computer. You should only download software packages from trusted websites, and you should run them through an anti-malware program once you know you’ve downloaded them. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of these programs—don’t risk it—reach out to the team at Essential IT and we can download and test these applications for you. Remember, when you are trying to protect your network, data and business, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.   For developers and small and medium-sized businesses, having an effective cyber security strategy is crucial. One way to ensure you remain at the forefront of cyber security development and implementation is to enrol in a web application development course. Companies in the IT industry and those in the public sector such as hospitals and other major corporations rely on application development to provide the latest tools and techniques to help them secure their information and systems. A Sydney university’s cyber security course can help you develop skills in web application development to help your company stay one step ahead of the game. Alternatively, Essential IT provides cyber security training to our clients in Sydney. You will be able to apply your knowledge to various areas, including computer security, network security, and information security, to name just a few. Further reading: Cyber Security Sydney

Cyber Security Should Never Be Underestimated

Many companies offer virus protection services. In fact, you may be required to regularly update your antivirus software in order to avoid new viruses. In addition, you should also frequently scan all of your hard drives for unauthorised files. You can run this scan with an online tool or through your operating system. Information security groups should discuss their cyber security strategy with each other regularly in an effort to identify threats and develop prevention and protection practices.  Creating an environment of collaboration between IT security teams will make it easier for them to work together to identify threats and develop solutions. All security teams should share the same goals, such as reducing the threat to network operations, protecting intellectual property, preventing hacking attempts, and stopping malware activity. These goals should be put into writing and routinely reviewed. In the digital world, cyber security is an ever-changing field with new advances appearing on a daily basis.

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