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Are You Getting the Most out of Your IT Support?

IT support is often one of those services that you only think about when you need it. Here’s what you can do to get more out of your IT support service.

Are You Getting the Most out of Your IT Support?

IT support is often one of those services that you only think about when you need it. Your internet connectivity goes down, your printer isn’t working, or someone opens the wrong email and downloads something they shouldn’t have.

But while these are essential services, there’s actually so much more that your IT support can do for you.

Here’s what you can do to get more out of your IT support service.

IT is for more than just fixing bugs

If you only use your IT support team as a help desk role, then you’re not using them to their full extent. After all, IT support services cover the full spectrum of information technology—that’s a lot of ground to cover.

Your IT team can:

  • Analyse your entire network, determine vulnerabilities, and enable you to plan a safer, more secure business system
  • Run regular backups, or automate the backup process altogether, to ensure your business’ data is safe, no matter what happens
  • Negotiate with your product vendors on your behalf to get better prices for your tech and software
  • Provide training to you and your staff, whether it’s for a specific piece of software, a new device, or correct email cybersecurity protocols.

But if an error does occur, give them as much context to your problem as possible

True, your IT support team is there to help fix your issues and errors. But to get the most out of your IT support service you need to give them the right information to help you. It’s no use just saying that your computer doesn’t work—be specific. Having a basic level of information available can help them solve your problem quicker and get you up and running faster.

If you’re opening a support ticket, describe the problem in detail. Instead of simply saying your browser isn’t working, tell them what you were trying to do, and describe the error that’s appearing. Better yet, take a screenshot and send that along with your service request.

If your computer’s internals are making a funny sound, give them the background as to why. You can be honest: if you spilled a cup of coffee down the back of your computer, that’s okay. They just need to know what led up to the error, so they can fix the actual problem at hand.

Honestly? You might not need them for everything

We’re not saying you should fix your own IT problems. Far from it, as this can often lead to a much worse result. But by using a little initiative when an error occurs you can actually help your IT team help you.

For example, if a certain app isn’t working or your browser isn’t loading, try closing it and opening it again. Check to see if another browser works instead. Log out and log back in to any accounts.

Or, and not to sound like a cliché, try turning your computer off and on again.

These types of actions, no matter how mundane they feel, can actually fix a lot of immediate errors. By fixing these errors yourself, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something—and you’ll also free up your IT team’s time to focus on other projects, or other issues.

Involve your IT support team at the planning stage

Your IT support team is there to make your systems run smoothly, keep your hardware and software updated, and help set up new staff and remove old users. And if they only receive these requests at the last minute, it’s going to be a scramble to complete each task thoroughly.

By bringing your IT support services onboard at the planning stage of your projects, you can give them a roadmap for what support you need, when you need it.

This allows you to use their time and experience much more effectively. They can give you the timeframes they need to set up new programs, update software, bring new users online, and provide training. You can then plan this out in advance, so there are no missed communications or last-minute frustrations.

Importantly, they can also help you draft and implement more effective and efficient IT policies, and help you to deliver a more streamlined working relationship.

So, are you getting the most out of your IT support service?

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