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Everything You Need to Know About IT Support

If you want to know more about your IT support service, we’re going to take a detailed look at what the IT umbrella actually covers, and what this means for your business.

Everything You Need to Know About IT Support

By this point in time IT support is ubiquitous. An always-on service, your IT support team helps ensure that your business’ systems, processes, tech, and networks run smoothly. They help to fix bugs, to catch errors, and to… 

For some, that’s the limit of their knowledge about the services their IT support team provides. 

So if that’s about as much as you know about your IT support service, we’re going to take a detailed look at what the IT umbrella actually covers, and what this means for your business.

A summary of IT support services

Your IT support team is there to manage, maintain, and optimise your business’ computer networks and technology. They provide technical support to your teams to ensure your computer systems and software run smoothly. They install, configure, and update your software and hardware, and manage your devices. And, of course, they solve technical issues as they arise.

So while the term captures that quite succinctly, it doesn’t really give you the full picture of what IT support can deliver for you.

So, what can your IT support team actually do?

What your IT support team actually does really depends on their skill level, and your business needs. But if we were to generalise, we would say your IT support should:

  • Install and configure your business’ hardware and software, systems, networks, devices, and peripherals like printers and scanners
  • Provide monitoring, management, and maintenance of your computer systems and networks
  • Provide multi-site data backup services, both physically and remotely
  • Set up all your new users, manage their accounts, and ensure they have all the right software they need to perform their job
  • Provide technical support to all staff in your business, helping them to keep their computers running smoothly
  • Ensure your antivirus software and firewalls are updated regularly
  • Repair and replace any hardware as required
  • Manage and negotiate your internet contracts
  • Provide IT training to ensure your staff are fully across all the tools and technology you need to use, and they understand correct security protocols
  • Provide full reporting to ensure a) you can see the full picture of how your systems are running, and where they could be operating more efficiently; b) you’re aware of any cyber threats against your network; and c) you can see where your IT budget is being spent.

Your IT support team tailors their services to your business’ needs, and evolves them as your business requirements do.

The benefits of IT support services

Save you and your staff time

You and your staff don’t have the skills or experience to sit there and solve every technical issue you run into; if you did, you’d be in IT support. Your IT support team is there to solve these issues for you, so you can get on with your job. 

They can fix your computer and network issues as they occur, saving your business from future downtime. When issues do occur, an experienced IT support team gets your networks up and running quickly, stopping you from losing precious business hours. They can even help you optimise your software, systems, and internet connection, to speed up your processes and make your communications faster.

Save you money and improve efficiencies

Without the right IT support team your business is effectively losing money. Errors take longer to fix, hardware breaks more often, and your staff spend more time waiting for a solution.

A good IT support team are experts in their field. As well as delivering technical support more quickly and efficiently, they’ll help you analyse your business’ requirements and ensure you’ve got all the software and hardware you need to do your job properly. They’ll help you upgrade your systems when you need to, and do away with legacy software that’s slowing you down.

Provide you with peace of mind

They’ll be able to provide proactive and efficient cybersecurity, ensuring your business’ IP doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. In the event of cyber threats, they’ll eliminate any threats quickly to get you back up and running sooner. They’ll keep your software updated to provide less chance of cyber attacks occurring. 

And if they provide 24/7 support, this means you’ll always have someone there to fix your problems, keep your systems running, and help you bounce back from any cyber threats that you might otherwise not have been aware of.

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