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The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About IT Support

Many considerations need to be made before it’s possible to accurately identify the type of IT support your growing business will need.

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About IT Support

Growing businesses or those with ambitions for significant expansion in the near future should already be considering starting a relationship with an external IT support partner. The reality is, as your business grows so will the complexity of your network infrastructure and the problems and opportunities that will eventuate.

You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into building your business, so don’t let it be your lack of capacity to mitigate tech-based risks or capitalise on new IT opportunities that leads to a backwards step. Afterall, we live in an age where network issues can seriously impact productivity and customer experience, which can lead to costly reputational damage.

Often, start-ups will assign IT responsibilities to an in-house member of the team, regardless of their degree of expertise. Some small business owners might even take on this responsibility themselves. But as this responsibility becomes more unwieldy with the increasing network demands of a growing business, they can find themselves struggling to satisfactorily meet the demands of their evolving business with their existing in-house expertise.

Turning to an external IT support partner will therefore not only ensure the most effective resolutions, but will remove frustrations and headaches from the team, and give them time back to do what they do best, and focus on their core areas of expertise.

With access to enterprise-level support, hardware and software, industry-leading solutions and the latest technologies will be continually at your disposal, all for a low monthly cost

Many considerations need to be made before it’s possible to accurately identify the type of IT support your growing business will need. If somebody tries to offer you an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, it’s time to continue the search …

A thorough understanding is key

One of the most important considerations to make when looking for an IT support partner is their commitment to understanding the nature of your business and future direction, before developing a tailored support package that’s right for your distinct needs. You’ll know you’re dealing with a quality provider when they ask insightful questions at the very beginning of the relationship to ensure a thorough understanding of your business requirements.

Ask for a free network audit!

Any serious IT support partner will be more than happy to conduct a thorough investigation of your current set up, to help inform recommendations for improvements. Whatever your budget or resources, a solution can be tailored to make sure your issues are fixed and business performance is boosted!

Look for a long-term partnership

A good IT partner will be committed to becoming a permanent fixture and trusted extension of your team. When doing your research, see if you can ascertain whether your potential partners have a successful track record for developing long-term client relationships. This is the best way to guarantee your network is continually making use of the right tools and technologies for optimal performance.

Get serious about security!

Security issues are likely to remain top-of-mind as staff continue to access company data remotely, from more locations and devices than ever before. Look for a partner with a commitment to taking the preventative steps that will protect your network and critical business data from all potential cyber breeches. Ideally, a proactive and forward-looking approach will mean potential issues are properly managed before they even have an opportunity to cause disruption to your business operations.

Part of any effective commitment to security should also include regular data back-ups, to avoid potentially debilitating data loss in the event of a disaster, and place your business in a strong position to make a fast and full recovery, both financially and reputationally.

Explore ways to keep your remote team working together

Again, with more people turning to remote working, businesses should continually explore new virtual ways to enable their people to work together as effectively as if they were all under the same roof. Microsoft 365 is one platform that has proven invaluable for supporting mobility and collaboration in this way, thanks to the access it offers to business data from any device or location, and features including virtual meetings, live document editing and instant messaging.

Using their deep understanding of your unique business requirements, your IT support partner should not only be able to recommend the most appropriate collaboration platforms for you, but will also support their implementation and adoption.

A proactive approach is vital, both ln the long and short-term

While seamlessly taking care of issues that arise today, find an IT support partner that can also demonstrate its commitment to keeping one eye on the future. Regularly reviewing your technology and making recommendations for improvements will ensure your network continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of your business, staff and customers.

Up-to-the-second knowledge, to fortify your business for future success

An expert with a passion for the IT space will remain fully across the latest products and innovations in a rapidly evolving space. They can therefore present suggested improvements, and use their insights to clearly outline the potential benefits to your particular business.

One example is the cloud, which offers a secure platform for the storage of critical business data in a scalable, flexible and affordable way … particularly when compared to the traditional and costly dedicated physical server! Of course, compliance may dictate certain information cannot be stored in the cloud, meaning it’s important to seek the advice of an expert who can recommend the best hybrid solution.

A good IT partner should be thinking about today, as well as looking six months to a year ahead. And beyond that, they should have a long-term plan that will offer ongoing improvements to your IT operations for many years to come.

Make your technology work for you!

Thanks to a steep drop in price, enterprise level technology is now affordable to small and medium sized businesses. This includes a variety of automation tools which can offer any size of business the opportunity to automate more processes, eliminating routine and time-consuming tasks, while enhancing productivity and profitability.

Your technology is also likely to be collecting valuable data every day, which with the right tools can be used to provide valuable insights to aid smart decision-making and add value to your operations. Therefore, the successful businesses of tomorrow will engage the expertise of an IT support partner with a deep understanding of enterprise technology and automation, and how it can most effectively be utilised.

An external IT support partner is a vital resource and can be called upon to perform a variety of different tasks – from providing ongoing troubleshooting support 24/7, to offering informed recommendations for network improvements that will enable ongoing success.

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