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Top 4 Benefits of Using Managed IT Security Services

Managed IT security benefits: From cost-efficiency and versatility to in-house IT perks, learn the 4 benefits of using managed IT security business services.

Have you ever considered using managed IT security services for your company?

If not, you definitely should!

Considering how the world is becoming increasingly dependent on internet technologies, the number of potential targets for cybercriminals is undeniably rising. Cyber security attacks are, if anything, further improvements – both in terms of subtlety and insidiousness.

Consequently, a large number of businesses are focusing on strengthening the security of their networks, databases, and systems. Yet, this is neither an easy or a cheap task.

Consequently, many businesses are focusing on strengthening the security of their networks, databases, and systems. Yet, this is neither an easy nor a cheap task.

The viable alternatives include hiring a professional, internal cyber security team or training the existing IT services team, focusing on cyber security.

Again, whilst neat, both options are time-consuming and hefty, budget-wise.

For this reason, a potential solution would be to partner up with managed IT security services, also known as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

What follows are the benefits that managed security services for IT can bring along.

1. Far More Cost-Efficient

The primary reason for resorting to managed IT security services is their cost. As it turns out, using managed IT security services is significantly cheaper than using other cyber security managers.

Whether the business considers constructing its own Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) or hiring outside professionals – who usually come as entire teams – the overall costs for such an endeavour to mid-to-large organisations might add up to above $1 million.

Additionally, since such teams can function as an ‘in-house’ service, the hiring business will become responsible for the individuals offering these services and the teams’ needs concerning constant technological upgrades.

MSSPs, on the other hand, offer their services for an astoundingly lower price.

They are hired at-need and can simultaneously collaborate with several businesses. Furthermore, the amount they charge is not fixed and depends on both the client and the particular task at hand.

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2. Experience, Knowledge, Versatility

As we saw, MSSPs do not have one fixed client and constantly solve different kinds of issues. Because of this, they are typically much more versed in dealing with various cyber security problems.

They operate 24/7, constantly monitoring the entire system they are tasked with protecting. They are also able to locate any vulnerabilities across multiple platforms. Thus, they can point out potential weak spots in the business networks, data, or systems.

Following this – and due to their experience – MSSPs can easily recognise an advancing threat. Most cyber security attacks can be uprooted before they are even properly executed. This is partly because managed IT security services are good at tracking them.

Due to the regular occurrence of such attacks, MSSPs are equipped with a plethora of new and diverse technologies which internal cyber security teams may not be acquainted with. They are precisely the types of tools that will enable rapid detection and elimination of cyber threats.

These tools, along with the professionals’ expertise, can also guarantee that when a threat slips through and enters a business’ cybersphere, it will be dealt with as soon as possible before it causes any significant damage.

3. In-house IT Benefits

It is easy to see how not only a company but its internal IT service team can also benefit from hiring an MSSP.

Firstly, the internal IT services team will be relieved of the enormous responsibility of cyber security and will be able to delegate their time to other areas of the business.

Secondly, the business would not have to spend copious amounts of money training the in-house IT team to become a cyber security team.

Finally, suppose the internal IT team does need to learn something related to cyber security (for whatever reason). In that case, they will have some of the best experts to assist and mentor them at hand throughout the process.

4. Positive Side-Effects

Managed IT Security Services can prove beneficial in other, more general, ways.

For example, MSSPs need to be constantly up-to-date with all shifts in cyber security and data regulations, aspects that many companies might not always be aware of. The MSSP will help the company keep track and abide by such standards.

Similarly, businesses may often purchase IT security packs that are not used to their full potential. An MSSP would notice this and utilise all the company’s means at its disposal.

Time to Reach Out

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