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Managed IT Services Sydney

Expert IT Services to Manage Your Business

From everyday IT enquiries, to end-to-end project management of entire system upgrades. Let Essential IT expertly manage every aspect of your network support with our wide range of services.

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Reduced operating costs

With support, hardware and software all sourced through Essential IT, you’ll enjoy substantial cost savings.

Avoid time-wasting issues

Don’t waste time trying to resolve frustrating tech problems. Instead, focus your energy on the things that matter.

Enjoy peace of mind

Our managed service solution ensures that problems are dealt with swiftly and your network is primed for peak performance.

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Managed IT Support Sydney

How can Managed IT Solutions help my business?

Aligns IT solutions with business outcomes

By understanding your current network setup and future business goals, our people can identify the improvements that yield maximum benefit.

Enjoy peace of mind

Our total, ongoing managed service solution ensures that problems are dealt with swiftly, and your network is primed for peak performance every day of the year.

Avoid time-wasting tech issues

Don’t waste time trying to resolve frustrating problems with your technology. Instead, focus your energy on the things that matter!

Reduced operating costs

With support, hardware and software all sourced through Essential IT and its more comprehensive network, you’ll enjoy substantial cost savings.

Key Benefits

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Cost-effective access to enterprise-level support
  • Industry-leading monitoring and problem resolution
  • Minimised downtime and improved business continuity
  • Time back in your day to focus on other things
  • Support available 24/7, 365 days per year
  • A local, Sydney-based team of technical experts
  • Network solutions that future-proof your business

Expert Managed IT Solutions

Gain more time to focus on growing your business

We frequently hear from clients running a busy operation that a significant bugbear is the time they spend trying to resolve frustrating technology niggles and network headaches. If this sounds like you, it’s time to consider handing all of this over to an external expert.

Our mission in life is to resolve your IT frustrations and make high-quality improvements to better network performance. We’ve spent two decades working with Sydney businesses across every kind of industry, and it’s no exaggeration to claim that we have seen it all during this time!

Our people have witnessed IT trends come and go, technologies develop at pace, and the IT landscape continually evolve at an impressive speed. There is no issue we’re unequipped to handle when it comes to IT.

We are committed to developing ongoing, trusted relationships with clients over the long term. By allowing us to step into the role of organisational IT guru, we’ll become a valued extension to your team. At the same time, you’ll gain something nobody can put a price on, time back in your day to focus on running and growing your business!

Don’t lose days to downtime!

Everything we do underpins our goal of ensuring technical problems don’t result in long periods of costly downtime. Having expert eyes proactively monitor for issues to resolve is just as important as responding promptly to requests for IT support from your team.

And by ensuring your network is continually bolstered with the most appropriate, leading-edge technology solutions, your business’s reliability will be significantly boosted.
A tailored offering developed by a competent managed service partner will consider all of the above as part of an ongoing network management strategy to enable unlimited and uninterrupted access. The rewards include uninhibited productivity for your team and a better customer experience.

Friendly and Professional Managed IT Support

Why Work With Essential IT?

We’ve always got your back!

We’re always here to provide no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point advice and work proactively in the background to identify opportunities for network improvements.

24/7 Technical Support

Our Sydney-based team is on call 24/7, 365 days per year. We’re ready to resolve issues as soon as they are raised and will go the extra mile to guarantee minimal operational disruption and downtime.

Experience Matters

We have long been known amongst businesses across Sydney as the trusted provider of comprehensive and consummate IT support services. Our ultimate aim is to ensure clients get the best from their networks in an ongoing capacity, year after year.

Ditch the panic of a break/fix model

How can Essential IT reduce my business stress?

Let us worry about your network, so you don’t have to! With far-reaching expertise and minimum levels of backup and security always in place, a trusted managed service company like Essential IT is the stress-free way to effectively handle your IT infrastructure improvements.

There is a confidence that comes with knowing you have the support of an IT partner that knows its stuff and fully understands your business. With Essential IT, you can rest assured a team of experts is continually working to ensure the smooth operation of your network; predict, detect and nullify security threats; ensure the seamless implementation of new technologies, and guarantee that your critical business data and applications are accessible whenever you need them.

  • Focus on strategic priorities while ensuring efficient operations
  • Efficiently respond to infrastructure demands by meeting Service Level Agreements
  • Proactively detect and resolve new threats
  • Predict and resolve issues faster through automation
  • Streamline and simplify management of new technologies
  • Speed new technology adoption within the organisation

Managed IT Solutions Sydney

Business technology peace of mind

Our complete managed service offering provides you unlimited access to enterprise-level IT support across the whole range of business needs. With such a varied array of skills and experience, our team is well-equipped to successfully and efficiently handle any IT problem with precision.

Essential IT customers also enjoy easy and affordable access to industry-leading hardware and software, thanks to the strength of our external network of partners and suppliers. In addition, regular managed back-ups are conducted to minimise the expensive downtime and reputational damage associated with lost data if disaster strikes.

IT Support Services to Take Care of your Business

Our Managed IT Services include

From everyday IT enquiries, to end-to-end project management of entire system upgrades … let Essential IT expertly manage every aspect of your network support with our wide-range of services.

Proactive monitoring

Our team monitors your network all day, every day. Issues identified are acted upon swiftly by applying the most up-to-date knowledge and technical skills. In fact, we’re so efficient that in many cases, you won’t even know there was a problem until it has been resolved!

Long-term strategic IT planning

We take a strategic approach and plan for the long-term with fully scalable solutions for your network infrastructure’s ongoing betterment and evolution. This type of thinking is essential to make sure you have a network setup that will support the changing requirements of your business over time.


Security, security, security! It’s the word on all of our lips as the shift towards remote working continues. Additional locations and devices bring inherent security risks that must be acknowledged and evaded. Ongoing security reviews will see all necessary measures to keep your critical business information safe.

  • Long-term strategic IT planning
  • Desktop support
  • IT helpdesk
  • Backup and recovery solutions
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Network maintenance
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • IT installations
  • Wireless networking
  • Network consulting
  • Cloud services
  • Mobile device support
  • Network documentation
  • Security solutions
  • Managed data back-ups
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Microsoft 365, SharePoint and OneDrive support

Our Proven Process


We devise custom-built managed IT services based on in-depth reviews designed to expose areas of weakness and optimise your business’s existing systems.


Our experts implement your business’s custom-built cyber security plan at your convenience. Get high-grade cyber security protection up and running within days.


Every efficient system needs regular maintenance and updates—cyber security is no exception. We provide ongoing IT support to ensure you’re protected around the clock.

Let’s discuss a solution custom built to suit your needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

A complete IT network management service provides unlimited access to a team of IT experts committed to getting the best from your network solution. This includes everything from day-to-day technical support or advice on cloud storage right through to complete system design, implementation and management.

A set of expert eyes to look out for issues and consider recommended improvements is invaluable for ensuring your network remains primed for peak performance, now and in the future. Plus, by taking this responsibility away from yourself or your team, you’ll get valuable time back to focus on running and growing your business!

We’re glad you asked! Microsoft 365 is an essential tool for aiding mobility and collaboration, regardless of the location of your team. This comprehensive solution provides secure access to business data and files from any device and offers handy features like virtual meetings, live document editing and instant messages.
This will keep you all connected, and it will also help keep productivity levels high. And don’t worry about any of the annoying complexities associated with the migration of information and people onto this platform. We’ll employ our project management expertise to seamlessly handle every stage in this process.

We can indeed! Alongside developing long-term relationships with managed service clients to support them with the full range of IT needs, we’re equally as passionate about managing ad-hoc and one-off IT projects. So whatever you need, don’t be shy. Give us a call!

You’re with the right provider! Our friendly support team is available 24 hours, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Whenever a problem arises – whether it’s on a Wednesday afternoon or midnight on a Sunday – we’re ready and willing to resolve it quickly.

Yes, we do. Our support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Definitely. It’s a familiar story. Clients often call with issues relating to outdated legacy systems that are no longer fit for purpose and slow the network down. Through our understanding of your business requirements, we’ll suggest retooling your unwieldy system and transforming it into a lean and efficient technology asset.

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