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4 Problems a Quality Managed Service Provider Can Solve

There’s a wide range of reasons a business might choose to engage the services of an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP).

There’s a wide range of reasons a business might choose to engage the services of an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP). The unfettered access to an entire team of experts passionate about information technology.

Whether it’s everyday services and support around technical glitches that you’re looking for, or the implementation of an entire system redesign, an MSP has the potential to eliminate network headaches and set your business up for future success. The list of problems they can solve is endless. Below we have listed just four.

Supporting the changing IT needs of a growing business

Start-ups and smaller businesses often entrust their networking needs to a team member whose core area of expertise is not IT. However, as a business grows, its IT requirements become more complex. Without expert input, team members may find themselves ill-equipped to effectively meet the changing demands, meaning a greater risk of technical glitches, costly downtime and security breaches.

This is why an MSP can prove to be such an invaluable investment. They can work with you to provide 24/7 technical support to see any issue resolved quickly and effectively. All it should take is one quick phone call. An expert will take ownership of your problem, fixing it with the support of an entire team of experienced IT professionals.

Once resolved, your MSP will take further steps to identify the root cause, implementing a solution that will prevent the issue from recurring in the future.

Your MSP will also take a more proactive approach, conduct ongoing network monitoring, and suggest improvements to ensure your infrastructure remains primed for peak performance.

Often as a business grows, it tends to end up with a network comprising various outdated, legacy systems, which don’t necessarily complement each other in the best way. With innovations constantly becoming available, an expert IT support provider can help you consider the best alternatives by cutting through the technical jargon.

And it doesn’t stop there! Tell your MSP where you want your business to be in five years, and they will work with you to develop a plan that will support this goal.

Consolidating and streamlining your ‘new normal’ approach to working

In 2020, businesses were forced to think on their feet and implement new strategies to enable collaboration and data access due to the sudden requirement for most employees to work from home.

In what continues to be such an uncertain time, business owners have often scrambled to find solutions to see them through lockdown periods, using a combination of tools and platforms such as Gmail, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Hangouts, Asana, Wrike, and the list goes on.

However, with COVID-19 set to be with us indefinitely, it’s time to ask yourself whether the measures you put in place initially will remain fit-for-purpose in supporting your remote workforce over the long term.

One solution clients have found particularly beneficial is Microsoft Office 365, which essentially incorporates elements of all of the above tools as part of one single platform. In particular, its Teams function offers secure access to business data and applications from any device or location, with many additional features such as virtual meetings, live document editing and instant messaging.

If Microsoft Office 365 isn’t something you’ve considered already, it’s worth giving some thought to now. It offers a comprehensive suite of collaboration, storage, and access tools. It is also likely to provide a more cost-effective approach by negating the need to pay license fees for multiple different platforms to get the same result.

Your MSP can work with you to identify the right platform for your needs – whether Microsoft Office 365 or otherwise – before supporting migration, implementation, set-up and user education.

How the situation with COVID-19 evolves from here is anyone’s guess. For that reason, agility will be critical. Currently, we are in a stop-start period, with lockdowns and their associated restrictions changing daily. Ask your MSP to help you consider a two-tiered approach – one process for periods when more workers are on site and another for implementation in a snap lockdown, with workers once again required to stay home.

Your network set-up must allow for business continuity, whatever the current pandemic situation.

New normal = New security risks. Are you prepared?

In addition to enabling a longer-term approach to your ‘new normal’ way of working, an MSP can also help you rethink your security measures to avoid cyber attacks and data loss. It’s the perfect (and arguably most important) time to do this, given the new and emerging risks associated with the increased demand for remote network access from an increasingly disparate workforce.

Consider requesting a security-specific network audit. This will shed light on any current gaps in protection and inform recommendations for improvements. Alongside any additional security measures put in place as a result of this audit, your MSP can also conduct ongoing network monitoring, detecting and resolving potential threats before they can cause serious havoc.

Alongside all of this, an MSP can make sure you have an effective disaster recovery plan to enable a speedy recovery in a cyber security breach.

Helping you get the most out of the cloud

The cloud has established itself as the go-to for many businesses regarding secure, scalable and affordable data storage solutions. But with so many possibilities – public, private, and all manner of hybrid solutions – it can be overwhelming for the uninitiated to figure out the most appropriate use of the cloud for their business.

Instead of placing the idea of utilising the cloud into the too hard basket, why not ask your MSP for their advice on cloud migration? They’ll help you navigate any compliance issues that may dictate how and where certain information can legally be stored and create a cloud solution with the right mix of elements to fulfil your distinct business objectives.

Fundamentally, entrusting the management of your network and mission-critical applications to an external expert means less stress and more time for your people to focus on their areas of passion and expertise. This will help ensure the delivery of quality products and services and allow you to concentrate on further evolving your business.

Own less, do more. Zero infrastructure, zero worries.