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Busting the myths - 6 x IT support frustrations addressed

Below, we have compiled a list of the most common barriers to either engaging or replacing an external IT support partner.

Businesses will have different IT demands as they continue to grow and evolve. If you’re a relatively recently established business trying to meet your changing IT needs using your existing in-house expertise, the time may have come to call in the experts.

You may have become frustrated with or lost confidence in an existing IT support partner at the opposite end of the spectrum. This could be due to a preventable disaster, ongoing and recurring problems, a decline in quality of service, or an apparent lack of interest in taking a proactive approach to make regular recommendations for a continually improved network.

However, when it comes to taking the leap of faith needed to either engage an external IT support service for the first time or walk away from a long-standing partnership, there can typically be some hesitation.

For the first-timers, there can be anxiety associated with a perceived ‘loss of control’ by entrusting external hands with your network, particularly if you’ve built your business from scratch.

And for those with an IT support partner who no longer seems a good fit, negative experiences can sometimes make you more likely to stick with the status quo, and take a ‘better the devil you know’ type of attitude.

Despite many commonly held misconceptions about the frustrations associated with using external IT support, choosing the right partner can ensure the most effective resolutions, remove frustrations and headaches from your team, and give everyone in your business more time to focus on their core areas of expertise.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most common barriers to either engaging or replacing an external IT support partner, so you’ll know what not to expect …

If my current IT provider doesn’t truly understand my business, how can they be in a position to tell me what I need from my network?”

This should not be a question if you have worked with a quality IT partner with a genuine commitment to set your business up for success.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can meet every business’s distinct and diverse needs. Insight into your business is required if your provider will offer the most appropriate support and advice around improvements to your network setup.

As an example, at Essential IT, we’ll take the time to develop an exhaustive understanding of your current IT situation, challenges and goals before we do anything else. This reflects our understanding that every business is different, meaning a tailored approach is the only approach.

What’s more, we don’t simply focus on understanding your immediate needs. As part of the ‘getting to know you’ process, we’ll ask about your future vision and goals. We can plan for the immediate and long-term, with a five-year plan developed as standard and designed to get your business where you want it to go.

If an issue arises, seeking a resolution through an external IT Support company often adds to the frustrations, with a significant length of time spent either ‘on-hold’ or waiting for a callback.

One of the main benefits of having a high-quality, expert managed IT service provider in your corner is an experience that reads the exact opposite of what has been described above.

You should be able to expect hassle-free, speedy, 24/7 access to a friendly team of experts, ready to spring into action and resolve issues quickly, either via remote IT support or by deploying a technician to visit you on-site.

Over and above this, an effective IT support partner will proactively monitor your network every day. Our unparalleled expertise allows us to recognise and resolve any problems before noticing them!

I’ll waste time explaining my problem repeatedly to lots of different people before I eventually talk to somebody with the right expertise.

We get that describing an IT issue that has derailed your day just once can be incredibly frustrating. That’s why the technical support person who either picks up the phone or takes the initial details of your problem will remain responsible until it is resolved.

However, that doesn’t mean your Essential IT representative is not taking steps to access the most appropriate support from within the team on your behalf. They have access to diverse skill sets and a team with in-depth knowledge about every aspect of IT and network infrastructure.

So while you’ll deal with a single point of contact, you’ll be receiving the support of an entire team!

We don’t have the expertise in-house to know what upgrades would be best for our business. I know I need to improve my network, but I have no idea where to start!

At Essential IT, we see proactively offering advice on network improvements as one of the most crucial elements of what we do.

By working to develop a comprehensive understanding of your current IT situation, challenges and goals, we will be in the strongest position to identify the areas of your setup that could benefit from improvements, replacements and upgrades. We can also make suggestions that will actually reduce your IT costs!

This is also one of the main reasons we value and believe in the power of developing long-standing, trusted relationships through a commitment to the highest levels of customer service. Our in-depth insights into your business will allow us to resolve issues swiftly and allow for ongoing IT infrastructure recommendations that will help grow your business.

We’ll identify any areas of your network setup and suggest the best replacements for outdated, legacy systems no longer fit for purpose.

My IT support partner is fine when troubleshooting everyday problems as they arise, but I’m concerned because the same issues seem to keep recurring.

Sadly, some providers are happy to do the bare minimum. Take the call, investigate the problem, resolve it, and move on.

But as far as Essential IT is concerned, there is no excuse for any issue to become a recurring issue. As your expert IT support partner, we see it as our responsibility to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and to investigate and identify the underlying cause. Once we’ve done this, we’ll make sure the right solution is deployed so that problem quickly becomes a distant memory.

In order to make sure your network is properly fortified against recurring issues, we expect our clients to meet us halfway. There can be occasions where the most effective (or only!) solution or improvement is, unfortunately, an expensive one, meaning a willingness to invest to ensure the issue does not crop up again in the future is essential on the part of the business.

I’m anticipating a period of rapid growth. However, I’m worried my current IT support partner won’t have the agility to support me as the business evolves more quickly.

Frankly, we expect the businesses we work with to grow. After all, we do everything we do to ensure our clients enjoy a network that primes them to thrive. As we develop our understanding of your needs, challenges and future goals, we always ask about the vision for the future of your business.

Tell us where you either want or expect to be in five years, and we’ll map out a long-term plan to help you get there.

For this reason, all products and solutions we recommend are fully scalable at a moment’s notice. That includes your infrastructure, which can be ramped up or down as required, but it also means we won’t lock you into a contract. We’ll only ever expect to be paid for the support you access. So essentially, our fees can be upped or reduced too, depending on how much you need us at the time.

We hope this post has helped dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions around IT support. Sadly, a few sub-standard providers leading to negative experiences and outcomes for their clients can create a lasting impression.

This can mean a reluctance to embrace all the benefits of having unfettered access to a team of dedicated IT experts committed to a system that is always running smoothly over the long term.

Own less, do more. Zero infrastructure, zero worries.