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Cloud PBX Phones

Essential IT are experts at transforming your current phone system into a cost-effective Cloud PBX phone Solution.

Cloud PBX Phone services are delivered through the internet, making them highly accessible and flexible.

Have you heard how Cloud PBX Phone Solutions can increase your business’s productivity?

The most essential features that you could consider for your Cloud PBX phones solution are:The most essential features that you could consider for your Cloud PBX phones solution are:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
  • Call queuing
  • Hold music or audio
  • Extension assignments
  • Number porting
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail to email transcription
Cloud PBX Phones - Essential IT

Cloud PBX Phone services are an advanced phone solution where all of your phone service infrastructure is maintained in secure data centres that save your company the trouble of maintaining expensive and bulky servers.
Cloud PBX Phones are safe and secure and work with all your digital services, including current phone and fax lines.
Our Sutherland Shire based consultants work closely with your Sydney business to deliver Cloud PBX Phone technology to help grow your business.

Cloud PBX phones connect to the provider over the internet and function exactly as you would imagine your business phone should.

The difference is that the phone system running Cloud PBX phones is located in the cloud, not the communications room at your business.

Self-service management and configuration of Cloud PBX phones generally occurs through a web-based portal and can include a long list of potential features.

Cloud PBX Phones - Essential IT - Cloud Solutions Sydney

The Essential IT cloud-based PBX is location independent, meaning you can have your phones in multiple locations and operate as if they’re all in the same office.

A hosted PBX gives you much more flexibility than a traditional PBX. Aside from the cost and hardware savings of no longer requiring a PBX to be installed at your office, your phones will operate anywhere as long as they’re connected to the internet. This means you can take your office with you when you travel, link up your offices even if they’re in different states or countries, so they operate as a single phone system or even work from home.

As long as you have a SIP phone with you, your office will be able to transfer calls. When you’re on the phone or set to Do Not Disturb, you can remotely answer your ringing office phone, transfer calls, or make internal calls. Best of all, these features count as internal calls and therefore incur no call costs!

Our revolutionary system means that you can change your extensions, menu systems, queues, voicemail boxes, diversions, and so on at any time of the day or night. As it’s also internet-based, you’re able to manage your phone system from any location.

To find out more information about how we can provide your Sutherland Shire business with quality Cloud PBX Phone support and solutions, call us on 1300 277 477, or send us an enquiry to see how Essential IT can help.

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